Classes will typically last 60 minutes, or sometimes 90 minutes. All ages and abilities are welcome.

You will have a physically demanding workout but modifications will be offered for those who are injured or want to take it easy to begin with. You can take a rest at any time. You will also practice mindfulness and meditation, if you’ve not done this before it may look easy, but can be quite challenging for some, so I ask that you come with an open mind.

A core part of the class will be repeated each time, allowing you to measure your progress, but each class will also contain different elements depending on the need and the experience of the participants.

As you develop, so will the class.

You should feel a few benefits, even after your first class, which might include an increased feeling of well being, calmness and clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m not flexible, can I still practice?
A. Yes, practice will increase your flexibility, come along and get started, no one is judging.

Q. What do I need to wear?
A. Please wear comfortable training attire. Note: Practice preferably takes place bare foot.

Q. Do I need any equipment?
A. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it with you. You may also want to bring water.

Q. Are the instructors qualified?
A. Yes, I take all of the classes. I have worked in the health & fitness industry since 2006. My qualifications can be seen on my ‘About me‘ page.

Q. Can I request specific training ?
A. To a certain extent if it fits in with the core principles of the class. If you have a specific goal I also offer personal training or therapy. Please message me with your request.

Q. What style of Yoga do you teach?
A. I describe my classes as Hatha and Traditional Yoga

Q. Do you teach Religious practices?
A. No. Movement & Mind does not include religious practice. Some of the techniques and principles come from a combination of ancient Tao, Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. Rest assured I will not be trying to convince you to believe anything. You will find your own path.

Q. How will your classes help me unlock my hidden potential?
A. There has been a lot of recent scientific research on the effects on yoga and meditation in regards to the benefits to your health and well being, if you’re interested in finding out more I recommend the book The Science of Yoga. You may also be interested in the science behind meditation and here’s another article on the benefits of meditation from a scientific perspective. I feel there are many benefits to combining the traditional practices that make up a Movement & Mind class and adapting them for our fast paced society. Each benefit is rewarding in it’s own way but the combined benefits of Movement & Mind are the key factors to unlocking your hidden potential as you become more balanced and stop judging yourself so harshly. You’ll also become more focussed. As you begin to align your right and left hemispheres you will become more creative.

Q. How soon before I see progress?
A. “As you slow down your breath, you slow down your mind”, in that way the effects can be felt after your very first class. Some benefits will be immediate, others will take time and patience.