What do the best things in life have in common?

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We live in a capitalist society. Whilst this article isn’t a debate about capitalism, it’s worth considering this…

We’ve been taught to value things that we pay money for and place little value on things that are free. “You only get what you pay for” being a good example of a saying we’re all very familiar with. But in reality the opposite is true when you take time to think about it.
I know people who have lost material possessions, even people who have lost their homes. But, with a fighting spirit these things can be rebuilt. When we think about things that are given freely such as our minds, our hopes and dreams, our friends and family. They are priceless.

The things we got for free, we can never replace.

Reflect on this next time you crave something. You might realise you already have the greatest gifts you could ever wish for.

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  1. Tammy on March 5, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    So true Andy thankyou

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